About Us

Breeze End Tech has been servicing computers and printers for over a decade. We are a 16 certified and experienced team dedicated to providing the best service on the market.

All systems should be cost-checked. We have a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in repairing; we are a certified company. We have an expert who can resolve customer issues over the phone or via our free pick-up and delivery service throughout Virginia, DC & Maryland. We can repair a printer within 60 minutes, ensuring that our customer’s work is not halted. Breeze End Tech is aware of customer concerns and makes every effort to resolve them.

We are not profit-driven and believe in building long-term, healthy relationships with our customers. We do provide a minimum of 30 days warranty on all repair work performed by our expert team.

The company is gradually expanding its market presence year after year. We founded our company in 2015 and are dedicated to resolving our customers’ issues.

We have provided the maximum amount of service at the customer’s location to save them time. We recognize and understand the value of time without interfering with their daily work. Rather than having the customer bring their computer and printer to the service center, we send a technician to their location. We offer prompt service at a reasonable price with a minimum 30-day warranty. We only use genuine parts in all of our repairs. Breeze End Technology has been in operation for seven years and has served over 10,000 customers.

As an established business, we have successfully resolved complex computer and printer issues, which gives us an advantage. Knowing that the customer receives a solution from a certified technician solves half of their problem, and we solve the other half. We are experts in computer and printer repair, and no one comes close to us when it comes to providing quick and expert solutions to customer problems. Get Instant Assistance with our Express service, which places a technician at the customer’s location within 60 minutes. We stock spare parts for nearly every laptop, desktop, and printer model, and we have suppliers in China who can supply parts that are not readily available in the DMV area.


  • ¬†Expert support
  • Solution of cost-efficiency
  • Fast Settlement (Express Service)
  • Free diagnosis/consultancy
  • Support on-site
  • Pick-up and delivery are free.
  • Warranty of 30 days
  • Availability of parts
  • Support 24×7
  • Clear Solution/Services